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5 reasons why I quit my job

Why I quit my job!

“It’s not you, it’s me!” were the words I told my boss as I handed her my letter of resignation two weeks ago. It wasn’t the greatest of timing but when is it ever. After three years of working with the company, I am finally writing the last sentence in …

DIY framed button heart for your home. A great way to add a little love into your home.

DIY Button Heart

I finally did it! After months of planning and hoarding, I finally sat down and finished my button heart. I have seen …

Sunday dinners means a lot to me growing up. I miss it most when life is just constantly moving. Find out why I really want to bring back sunday dinners.

Bring back Sunday dinners!

Remember when families had dinner together? When it wasn’t an option to sit down together and enjoy a meal at the end …