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Fringe shirt FB

Up-cycled t-shirts

Let’s get to crafting….Fringe is in and so is up-cycling, so about two weeks ago I started going through my clothes. I got rid of any ill fitting or worn-out clothes. There were shirts that I loved that no longer fit my current physique but I love it too much to …

Kids Travel Kit

Kids travel kit

Summertime and or long weekends seems like a great time to hop in to the car and go for a drive. It can also mean a plane ride to somewhere new or just to visit old friends. Either way if you are planning on trip in the car or a …

DIY framed button heart for your home. A great way to add a little love into your home.

DIY Button Heart

I finally did it! After months of planning and hoarding, I finally sat down and finished my button heart. I have seen …

DIY beach art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Let’s face it, canvas wall art for the home is not really cheap. Ok, yes you can find them cheap but sometimes you …