Buy Girl Scout Cookies.

why you should support girl scout cookies salesHave they knocked on your doors??? Has a mommy or daddy of a girl scout already asked if you wanted to buy girl scout cookies? If they haven’t yet, be prepared it’s coming. It’s only been around since 1917. Did you know that this fundraiser is more than just selling cookies, it teaches these girls and young ladies about goal setting, work ethic and so much more.

Yes, I know it’s the new year and you have said you will eat better and perhaps lose some weight but a single serving of Girl scout cookies would probably be a good choice for a treat or dessert at the end of a meal. Ok, perhaps you really can’t afford the higher priced cookies. Did you know that for each box of cookies a girl scout sells she get $0.75 so if you really want to help, just give the girl scout knocking on your door $1 as a donation for her and genuinely wish her luck. This is a win win in my book, you don’t have the temptation of eating cookies and the little girl just got $.25 more than what she would get from selling you a box!

Need more reasons on why we should support and buy a box or two of girl scout cookies??? Here they are…

  • To eat it!!!

Girls Scout cookies are good with milk, coffee or tea. It’s a yummy dessert and or snack. It’s travels well and you can freeze the samoas, thin mints, & trefoils for later consumption. I think it’s delicious to eat at anytime and nothing beats the original. Oh and did you hear about the new flavor? SMORE’s…Yumm-O!

  •  Make the cookies into something else.

Did you know that these irl scout cookies makes for a yummy ingredient? Girl Scout troops and the Girl Scout website actually has a bunch of recipes they created using the cookies as an ingredient. Click here for those recipes.

  • Share it

Don’t want these girl scout cookies around your home, office or in the car? Donate it!!! Each troops usually pick a local organization to donate the donated girl scout cookies boxes to. The local food bank is the obvious choice but we have donated to shelters and and hospice of the Valley as well. Some GS troops send the collected girl scout cookies to our troops overseas.  What about your trash collector or mailman or out of state relatives? this would make for a great belated holiday present.

Fun Fact: Did you know that every state sets their own cookie flavors that they sell. Some base it on what has been selling in their state and some base it on the region of where the cookie company is at.

  • It really is for a good cause… cookie selling helps the girls

Improve their self-esteem. This simple (perhaps annoying to some) act of knocking door to door, standing in front of a grocery store and sometimes BOTH to sell boxes of girl scout cookies can be very intimidating for a girl. The task at hand teaches the girls to speak up, to have courage to talk and approach strangers and to be brave and confident in their ability.

Teaches them some accounting. The act of dealing with the money teaches these girls how to handle money. They are able to practice and apply Math into this part of their lives. This is when they get to test their Math skills and also work with cash.

Set goals and find ways to get there.  Setting goals for themselves during cookie sales keep the girls motivated and on task. The goals we use to set was where we wanted the money we earned to go. It was a great time to dream up all sorts of fun things we could spend our “EARNED” money on. Sometimes just setting our goals to earn a certain prize was all the girls needed to stay on track.

All these things the girls learn just by selling cookies. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you helped a young lady crush her goals, increase her self-esteem and helped her learn simple money handling skills just from saying yes to buying a box of cookies? Not to mention most of these girls stand in front of the stores, knock on doors for hours without complaining? Now that’s good work ethic.

Although it won’t be me or my girls asking you if you would like to buy girls scout cookies this year please consider what I just shared before you respond. Next time a girls scout knocks on your door or a whole troop stops you in front of your favorite grocery store to sell you a box or two of their girl scout cookies please help them out if you can, if not tell them sorry but wish them good luck, and encourage them.

I hope you make it a great day!



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