My hopes for 2017.

hopes for 2017Happy New Year to you my friend. I cannot believe that it’s already day 5 of January 2017. How fast did 2016 go for you? Since I have been MIA for the last 5 months here’s a quick re-cap of it.

The second half of 2016 has been filled with life, love and lots of memories. My three giggles have grown a ton and we were pretty healthy for the most part of 2016. My family and I spent most of the giggles’ summer break in Maui with our families. My parents came to visit us here in Arizona last November and we took them to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. All my giggles are excelling in school and are playing well with their club teams in soccer. We continued to volunteer hours in different organization…We donated and purged a ton of stuff and we still love to thrift shop, the libraries and new or used bookstores. Although my 11 year old car needed major work in Nov/Dec but we were glad we had an emergency fund to use to pay for the major repairs. Lastly we had another DEBT FREE Christmas and that in it self is a HUGE deal.

And now we a few days into January. Here are a few of the things I would love to work on for this new year! Here are my hopes for 2017 to help make a better version of me and my giggles. Some might call them resolutions but I like to call them hope to’s.


1. To hope to learn to “ACCEPT” things… To accept help, new people, situations or solutions that might not necessarily be what I expect or want. To accept that not everyone is like me or will ever like me.

2. To hope to be kinder and to show/teach how to be happier… I don’t think anyone can be too kind or too happy. My goal is to help myself and my giggles to always find a way to do the kind thing even when it’s not the popular thing. To be able to pick the better choice of being happy and make those around us to leave us happy and nothing else.

3. To be present… I always believe in the power of presence in people’s lives. Time is something no one can buy or replace. Spending more time with people who matters to us and loves us is much more valuable than the stuff! Re-connect with old friends, make time for new friends and have fun together.

4. To have more fun…Life is too dang short be miserable all the time. FUN should always be included in your day. Even if it means playing a prank on someone, to meet a friend for coffee, or to play silly games with your kids. Find your favorite time of fun and enjoy it with other fun people.

hopes for 20175. To visit somewhere new. I’m not just talking about traveling the world or states. Somewhere new could mean a new city within Arizona or even a attraction or place we’ve never been too before like Mt. Lemmon, pizzeria Bianco in phoenix, Montezumma castle anything new.

6. To stay focus and stay on track. Im not one to stay focus, I get distracted easily, ask my husband. I would really love to be ale to stay on task, start to finish and not bounce around as much as I normally do. Did someone say squirrel??? Where????

There you have it, my hopes for 2017. I will continue to post (over post sometimes) my shenanigans on my instagram account. I would love for you to follow me if you don’t yet but if you already do. THANK YOU!!! Happy Thursday and I hope you make it a great day!



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