10 ways to survive Arizona summer.

10 ways to survive Arizona summerWelcome to another Arizona summer where it is 110 degrees or warmer outside. To be honest though I would rather have the 110 degrees days over any super cold/rainy/snowy day. There are plenty of ways to keep the kiddos and yourself cool for the summer and below you will find my top 10 ways to help survive summer in Arizona.

1. Access your situation, find the good in it.

*We don’t have heat stroke days which forces our schools to close down, therefore we don’t have to make up any missed days to extend the school year.

*The sun is up, it’s not dark and dreary outside. Sunlight is good for you, it provides us with Vitamin D which helps our body manage calcium for stronger bones. Sunlight helps boost the serotonin in our body which is known to be our happy hormone. Lack of sun (during winter months or rainy days) can give us the blues, so get out there and soak up 15 minutes of that sun. It will make you healthier and happier, which makes hot summers far better than longer, darker winter like some people have to deal with in other parts of the country.

2. Visit all the public pools in your area to help survive Arizona summer.

* Living in a city where the public pools cost $1 for the kids to enjoy is amazing. Oh and just because it’s a public pool it doesn’t mean junky pool, in fact the public pools by our home are pretty amazing. Some have a lazy river, splash pads, tall slides, zero depth kids area and shaded sitting areas. You are welcome to bring in soft sided coolers with you as well and if you forget food or drinks some pools have a concession stands and or vending machines.

*There’s also gyms that have amazing pools for their members to use and some neighborhoods have a community pool for their homeowners.

*Neighbors and friends who has a pool has saved us more than we can say. We do often invite ourselves over to good friends house to swim. 😉

3. Perfect time to purge or deep clean your home.

* Konmari method the whole house, PURGE my friend. I highly recommend that you get the kids involve in this. Assign an area in their room everyday to go through, while they are doing it, go find your area and organize. Doing it in increments will make for a less stressful day. Take this time to have the kids help clean baseboards, wipe down walls or scrub down the bathroom tub. Throw stuff away while you clean. Get in the car, and drop off your donation right away and reward the kids with a good old fashion Wendy’s frosty.

4. Visit Bass Pro Shop or Cabellas to help survive Arizona summer.

We love visiting Bass Pro shop because during the summer months they have activities for the kids. If you have never been there there are a lot to explore. I do scavenger hunts with the kids (5 or more things), throw coins in the ponds with our wishes or use the shooting gallery. Sometimes they will have classes kids can take and they have a pond that kids can catch and release fish at. Hungry? they have a great fudge shop for treats or a sit down restaurant, Islamadora that serves up yummy seafood fare.

5. Old school movies movie days are best to help survive Arizona summer.

By far one my favorite activity we have done to stay cool. Amazon prime or Netflix has a good selection but I love using our local library to order/borrow dvds from. Since there are multiple libraries connected to our local one, there are plenty of titles to choose from and it doesn’t take long for requested titles to come in.

6. Start and finish an in home project to help survive Arizona summer. 

This is the perfect time to paint that wall you’ve been wanting to paint. Touch up paints that might need touch-up. Perhaps hang up curtains, make a teepee for the playroom or hang up festive lights in the kids room. This might be a great time to help your kiddos re-arrange their room or purge through their closet. Painting not your thing? perhaps you can finally frame and hang up those pictures you’ve been saving.

7. PLAY (indoors) to help survive Arizona summer. 

Just play with your kids. They all probably have a few toys that could use some play time. We love board games like Twister, Candyland, Chutes and Ladder, Life, Headbands and Jenga. Hold a hula hooping contest and play balloon volleyball. Perhaps a friendly game of sock softball, charades or red light green light would be fun as well. Barbie dolls vs superheroes is another favorite around here but a quiet time to build with legos and playdoh is appreciated too.

8. READ & Journal to help survive Arizona summer. 

Read to the kids, have the kids read to you, and or you all read separately. Our books usually come from the library but an occasional trip to Bookman’s, a thrift store or barnes and noble will yield new books for us to keep. Journaling is a great way to remember your summer adventures. I like to give the kids a topic to write about, can’t write yet? Then perhaps they can draw a picture about the topic instead. Let them get creative, crayons, colored pencils or water color seems to be my kids favorite.

9. Get away from it to help survive Arizona summer. 

If you have the time,  go camping or drive up to cooler temps. Cities like Payson, Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff is a few hours away by car from Phoenix. These places are usually a lot cooler than Phoenix. Visit a creek to swim or just put your feet in, perhaps hike or fish or just sit and picnic under a shade tree while the kids play.

10. Make ice-cream/popsicles and eat it to help survive Arizona summer.

We love ice-cream/popsicles so we will take any excuse to make and consume that sucker. Making homemade ice-cream or popsicles can be fun specially if the kids get to add their own mix-ins into it. An open ice cream bar toppings is great to have in the fridge and you can make iceream/popsicles healthier by using natural ingredients. Don’t have time to make ice-cream or popsicles? Buy it, and grab different cones or bowls to help customize your ice-cream experience.

There you have it, my 10 ways to survive Arizona summer. Remember these are just my guidelines, I’m a stay at home mom and that my kids are not toddlers but I hope that some ideas can still be useful to you. Being a parent is hard enough but I think we all could use a little help, perhaps a suggestion or two could help us make summer a little more bearable! In the end I hope that you enjoy your summer and the time you have with your kiddos. Stay hydrated, cool and always look for the upside! I hope you make it a great day!




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