Happy 12th birthday kiddo!

happy 12th birthdayHappy birthday to my now new and favorite 12 year old. My oldest giggle turned 12 this week. Should I be worried or scared at this point for her? Twelve is a bit scary for me, it’s just a year from being a teenager and yet somehow I feel like she seems mellow for what people have warned me about. Let me tell you a few things about my favorite 12 year old!

She was born in Hawaii and we moved to Arizona when she was 1. 

twelve yrs old

She is kind and helpful. She was a girl scout till 5th grade and in 6th she helped start a volunteer based group called Care & Responsibility with her good friend.

twelve yrs old

Despite the fact that she might not have been able to go to the last day of school (she got chicken POX) she still wanted to make sure that the candy leis she made the prior week was handed out. She is a hard worker, has a love for reading (multi-million word reader list at school) and is almost always on the principal’s honor roll list.

These are just of the few reason why she is favorite 12 yr old. When I met my hubby he said that on their birthdays they got to choose dinner that day. Well since her birthday is during summer break she got to choose lunch and dinner. A little background on my giggles, they will normally eat anything and if not they are to try it (3 bites) before they can say no thank you. So, without further ado, here’s how we celebrated this young lady on her 12th birthday.

pancakes at twelve yrs oldBreakfast was served at home. Chocolate chip pancakes are her favorite and I was more than excited to try a new recipe for pancakes. She loved it, we all loved it!

After breakfast she asked if she could watch Mockingjay part 1. After the movie she played with her present with her sister and brother. It was a mellow morning, just like her.

Subway lunch for my Twelve yrs oldAround noon I guess it was time for lunch. She loves Subway and I should have known she would choose that for lunch. Cheap date at this point. 🙂

We went thrifting at Goodwill and they found a jewelry case they decided they could use as the barbies locker room and a pot for their fairy garden. I just love their imagination.

DQ for my Twelve yrs old

If you didn’t already know, we love ice-cream around our house. Ice-cream is our dessert of choice. On our way home from thrifting we pass by a Dairy Queen, so of course she birthday girl asked if we could stop and get blizzards. I love how they find it amusing when the servers flip the blizzard upside down before giving it to them. “look mom!” they said as I took this pic! If you must know…The girls ordered the chocolate extreme and the boy ordered the oreo.

Disclaimer: NO ice-cream was wasted in this picture!

A few more hours of playing board games, dolls, watching tv and reading was how she spent the rest of her afternoon. Then dinner….


Although her dinner choice is not as cheap as lunch at Subway, making it at home is still cheaper than going to Angry Crabs. No rushing and more than you can eat. So, just like last year she requested for a Seafood boil.

seafood boil for my Twelve yrs old

We ate, we laughed and we drank rootbeer the rest of the evening. We talked about her favorite part or parts of her 12th birthday and she thanked us more than once for a great day. Don’t get me wrong…Yes, my kid is amazing, smart and beautiful inside and out BUT I am not claiming her to be perfect. She still has her not so great & lazy days but she isn’t rotten. She is a good balance of being a kid and almost a teenager. So today, I wish my oldest giggle a year full of wonder, good memories, not so many bad days and lots and lots of laughter and friend time. May she never feel alone or scared in this brave new world she is entering in July called middle school. May she keep her cool and may she continue to grow and kick ass in soccer. Good luck and we love you.

my favorite twelve yrs old

Thanks for letting me share this part of my life with you all. I hope you make it a great day. Happy Weekend. My fellow Arizonians, please stay hydrated, indoors or in the pool and smile, It’s dry heat, after all!




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