Brunch date at the Elephant Bar

brunch at the elephant barDating your spouse should always be at the top of your list, and here’s why I think it’s important .Our day dates usually means breakfast and coffee at one of our favorite spots, today we are changing things up a bit and going for brunch. I was recently invited to the Elephant Bar to try their new brunch menu that launched on Mother’s day. How could I say no this perfect for us day date opportunity! So off we go!

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were greeted right away by Bailey. She was friendly and had a pep in her step as she took us to our table by a window with lots of natural light! Shortly after we were seated Gina our waitress came over to say hi and took our drink order. She knew everything about the menu, you can tell she loved her job (this was her 6th year there) and she was super friendly! Long story short, If you go to the Elephant Bar in Chandler and Gina is working, ask to sit on her table, you will like her.

On to our date…you can never go wrong with eating breakfast food all day. Although the Elephant bar doesn’t serve breakfast their brunch menu is something one must try. I have a few suggestion on how one can try the most variety of food when visiting a new to you restaurant. Bring a friend or hubby in my case and order two different entree, split an appetizer if you must and if they have a sampler dessert go for it! In our day dates we have made it a rule to share.

brunch at the elephant bar

For appetizer we decided  to order the Coconut Shrimp off the menu. We both love shrimp and being from Hawaii we tend to judge coconut shrimp where ever we go. It’s usually a hit or miss but this one though was delicious. The sauce was a little on the sweeter side but the shrimp was cooked perfectly. Gina told me how the restaurant just revamped their menu. They are now a scratch kitchen as she said which meant that food and beverage was made from scratch, yes like no pre-mixes or pre-making  till it’s ordered. No pre-heating here but did you catch the made from scratch beverage part? Yup, and in between the bites of shrimp a nice cold margarita would do the trick.


brunch at the elephant bar


Well this margarita made me smile and it was a perfect drink with the shrimp. This brunch date is going well. 🙂 Brunch, a good drink and a handsome fella by me makes for a happy me!

This margarita made me smile and it was a perfect drink with this shrimp. At this point our date was going well. :)

Just as much as we loved our coconut shrimp appetizer we were torn between a burger and  brunch food. In the end we both ended up sharing the sunrise breakfast tostada, the gooey butter cake french toast and a pub burger. When we get hungry we get aggressive and we attack!This margarita made me smile and it was a perfect drink with this shrimp. At this point our date was going well. :)

So here the remnant, what remains after the attack….To be fair it was a ton of food and as much as we both didn’t want to waste those perfectly seasoned hash brown with andouille sausage we had to tap out. Can I just say that the Gooey butter cake french toast is a must try if you like french toast, the perfect cake in between the toast was amazing and add the homemade strawberry butter with it just takes it over the edge. I do NOT recommend using syrup for this french toast, it’s already delicious as it is. The sunrise tostada was another winner, between the crunchy texture of the tostada and the softness of the cheese sauce and eggs this was a perfect combination of deliciousness. Add this to your must try list. Now, let me tell you about the pub burger, It was good. The meat was cooked perfectly and hubs gave it two thumbs up.

brunch at the elephant bar

So remember how I said we were full, well I was just kidding. After a few more minutes of chatting, laughing and budget meeting talk I asked to see the dessert menu. As much as I wanted to not see anything I would like to try, there she was…My all time favorite dessert the creme brûlée. Just like I have a standard for good pizza, I have a standard for a great creme brûlée. It’s all about the texture, the caramelization of the sugar topping and the flavor. When my (because hubs doesn’t care for it) brûlée came out I was happy. The topping wasn’t caramelized with the broiler it was torched..That’s a plus in my book! How did I know? Well even the hubs noticed the evenly uneven color of the sugar. Now I’m ready to dig-in.  Well it was by far one of the best creme brûlée I’ve had. The texture was spot on and the the flavor was delicious. Of course the hubs was skeptical with my raving review halfway through this  brûlée so he asked for a bite, I mean I care so I share right? He liked it, he isn’t a dessert person let alone a creme brûlée person but this he actually liked. Liked it enough to finish up the other half of this deliciousness. Was I mad? ummm, yea but since it was a date and we share everything I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he finally enjoyed something I considered a special treat.

The date went really well, we were able to re-charge and be ready for an afternoon with the giggles. That’s a win in our day date book. As for the Elephant Bar, we both highly recommend it. The food we had was delicious and so was my margarita. My husband is my normal person gauge, he liked how bright and clean the restaurant was. He appreciated how nice the hostess, manager and of course Gina. He liked the food so much so that he wants to come back with the kids and try the ice-cream mud pie for dessert. One thing perhaps they can add, would be more local beer selection. Otherwise I suggest you make a reservation to enjoy their new brunch menu over at the Elephant Bar.

brunch at the elephant bar

I hope you are having a great day! Don’t forget to date your hubby, go out for a delicious meal like we did and have fun! Wishing you a great weekend! Check out my instagram post later on how you can enter to win a $25 gift card to enjoy at the Elephant Bar!



Elephant Bar has a few location in California, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico and of course Arizona. The one I visited was located in Chandler by Chandler Mall!


(480) 899-8088 (for reservation)

*This meal was provided to us complimentary as a part of a media invitation. However, this has no effect on my opinions and comments regarding our experience.*





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