Up-cycled t-shirts

imageLet’s get to crafting….Fringe is in and so is up-cycling, so about two weeks ago I started going through my clothes. I got rid of any ill fitting or worn-out clothes. There were shirts that I loved that no longer fit my current physique but I love it too much to say goodbye to! My solution? Give it to my oldest giggle. Sure I could give it to her as is but she will most likely politely decline the clothes and then what? I knew I had to make it fun, a bit trendier for her to embrace the shirt. Here’s what I came up with!

 Up-cycled Tie dye fringe shirtupcycled t-shirtMaterials:

  • Old t-shirt
  • sharp scissors


Cut off the t-shirt sleeves, a sewing shears will make this job easier. Cut the bottom of the shirt where it’s hemmed up!

Figure out how high you want the fringe to be on the shirt. Fold it to make a crease mark to give yourself a stoping point when you are cutting. Cut strips from the bottom of the shirt to the crease mark on the shirt.

Pull on the strips you cut out to stretch it out! The more you pull the more rolled up the strips will look.

Tie a knot at the beginning of each strips to add a bit of flair and to keep the strips from ripping higher. You can also add beads to each strand and knot the bottom to add a little bling 🙂

 Up-cycled side tie t-shirtup-cycled t-shirt

  • Cut the sleeves off the shirt.
  • Cut slits on each side of the shirts about half inch apart from each other. Be sure you cut through the front of the shirt and the back. I cut about 3 inches from side towards the inside of the shirt. This should look like loops on each side.
  • Stretch each slits. Cut the slits to separate it Should be the side seams.
  • Double knot front strip with the back strip.
  • Continue till both sides are done.

There you have it, a great idea on how you can up-cycle an old t-shirt. I just love how they both turned out and guess what? So did my daughter who now has both the t-shirts hanging in her closet. It’s all about spreading good karma right? Recycle, reduce and re-use as much as we can.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and I hope you make it a great day! Till next time!






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