Flamingo birthday party

Flamingo partyThis summer my middle giggle will turn double digits and to celebrate she asked for a Aloha flamingo pool party…so without further ado, here’s my interpretation of an Aloha flamingo birthday party!

Problem: We don’t have a pool and what’s a pool party without a pool? Not a pool party!
Solution: Thankfully the gym where I use to work at has a pretty nice pool and so I secured the venue, date and time for the pool party!

Decoration: I’m all about keeping it simple. Well atleast for this one! Dollar store to the rescue for an inflatable flamingo and a white tablecloth!

flamingo partyCake: These cupcakes from Walmart was perfect for the theme! The flowers were plastic rings that each girl can keep as part of their Hawaiian souvenir! Arranged on this white cupcake stand was all I did to present them!

flamingo partyFavors: Staying true to the theme, the birthday girl picked out these cute flamingo cups and placed a few of her favorite candy inside, pixi sticks. She also picked sunglasses for each girl attending and me and my oldest giggle made flower hair clips to go along with it! All was purchased at our local dollar tree!

Wanna know what started the whole flamingo thing??? It’s this!

flamingo partyThe DRESS!!! On a recent thrift date, my giggle found this dress. Royal blue with flamingo all over it! She was in love! She begged to try it on & when she did she came out twirling and spinning with a grin from ear to ear! She knew it was going to be a part of her party!

Keeping it simple made this flamingo birthday party a success. My simple avoidance of Pinterest saved me money, time and that feeling of I didn’t do a good enough job! Two and half hours of fun; swimming,playing,and eating cupcakes before pizza. There were no crazy goody bags but just couple of practical favors for the summer. After all the “best party ever!” and “thank you mom and dad.” my heart is happy! It turned out great and all the kids had fun!

flamingo partyI hope you’re Sunday is turning out to be a funday! Wishing you an amazing new week as well! Till next time!


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