Kids travel kit

Kids Travel KitSummertime and or long weekends seems like a great time to hop in to the car and go for a drive. It can also mean a plane ride to somewhere new or just to visit old friends. Either way if you are planning on trip in the car or a plane ride here’s what I have made for my giggles to help keep them entertained on the ride. Since my giggles don’t have electronics (Ok, we have a car dvd player we put in the car for trips but that’s about it!) to keep them entertained they like to call this their entertainment binder, a kids travel kit they like to help putting together.

Kids travel kit Contents: 

  • A coloring or activity book that’s age appropriate
  • A notebook for journaling, note taking, or just doodling.
  • 2 pencils
  • atleast 2 pens (preferably different colors)
  • colored pencils, crayons or markers for
  • pencil sharpener with lid
  • erasers (pencil tops for us)
  • dry erase marker
  • page protector
  • white card stock paper
  • binder pouch
  • postcard stamps (not pictured)
  • quarters and 2-3 old pennies  (not pictured)

kids travel kit

  • 1 to 1.5″ binder
  • scrapbook paper if your binder is a page view binder that can be decorated.

1. Load up your kiddos binder. Each one will have a notebook, their a coloring book, the sheet protector with the white card stock in it (dry erase board), the binder pouch with 2 pencils, pens, atleast 2 dry erase marker, eraser, a set of crayon or colored pencil and their sharpener.

2. Use a snack size bag in the pouch containing the stamps and the coins. The stamps are for sending postcards when they get to where you are going and the coins are for vending machines for a treat or for penny press if you run across one. Keep in the pouch

3. Feel to add stickers, tattoos, a book, or an easy puzzle (store in a baggie) in their binder. Sometimes I make scavenger hunt or a list of things they should take pictures of when they get to our destination.
kids travel kitNow the fun part, let them decorate the covers and spine. Fortunately for me I have a ton of scrapbook papers that the kiddos can choose from. Encourage colors, patterns and creativity, let their personality shine through.

There you have it, hopefully these kids travel kit will keep your kiddos entertained while traveling. Please remember to check it after each trip and replenish as needed. Keep it simple and keep it fun!

Safe travels this summer, happy Memorial day and I hope you make it a great day and an amazing weekend.





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