10 Classroom Valentine treats kids will love.

10 Valentine Treats kids will loveIt’s that time of year again…Valentine’s day. This is probably one holiday your kiddos school can celebrate and actually bring candies for their friends. I love that my oldest giggle was excited for this year’s Valentine exchange. With the help of Pinterest we all can get “creative”. This is how we picked this year’s Valentine treats….

Give your kiddos options.

I told each kid that they can pick what they want to give their classmates. I took them to the grocery store and had them look at all the choices. Then, I told them to pick one they like but I didn’t buy it then. ¬†Next, I looked on Pinterest and had them browse through the Valentine’s boards. They picked one from there as well.

Choose wisely.

My giggles were asked to pick wisely. To choose the one they would want to get. You will be surprised at how that idea makes them more excited about picking one out. Be sure that the one they choose is age appropriate, even if it’s candy!

Make the Valentines together.

Once your kids have decided, set aside a time to have them do it with your help. The younger kiddos might need more help than the older ones, so be patient. TRY YOUR BEST to not fix their Valentines. If it’s not perfect, it is theirs ūüôā

This year’s winners are…

10 classroom Valentine treat ideasPencils

Exciting I know, but to be fair my youngest giggle, who is in Kindergarten, is obsessed with pencils. He likes getting them, buying them, sharpening them and even peeling off the skins. So of course he picked pencils as his gift to his friends.

We spent a total of $3 on his Valentines. Two bags of pencils and a box of Avengers Valentines all from our local dollar tree store.

10 classroom valentine treat ideasBubble Gum

My middle giggle loves bubble gum. These ones are her favorite type. She did want to give bigger size gumballs, but after much going back and forth she realized she can give more gumballs with the little ones than the big ones. In fact, she mentioned how the smaller ones look better wrapped up.

Total cost for these Valentines was about $7. We were able to find the gumballs in the bulk section at WinnCo for about $2.75/lb. We bought 2.5 lbs total and it filled 25 bags with 1/4 cup of gumballs in each bag. I got the bags from the dollar store and there were 40 bags in them. The string I already had (from target dollar section) and you can get the printable here. Thank you Amber!

10 classroom Valentine treats ideaSoda

Yes, because my sixth grader thinks that giving soda to her friends will be totally awesome. She was so excited when she saw this idea on Pinterest. She finally decided on this printable¬†from Allie at Cupcake diaries. So we printed it on card stock¬†and the rest was history.¬†I bought the generic soda because it was on sale for $1.88/ 12 pack, and I personally don’t think 6th graders will have a preference on free soda. The polka dot ribbon was from our dollar store trip. Total cost for this non-candy, super sweet Valentine is about $5.

* I did ask my 6th grader’s homeroom teacher if bringing soda was ok ahead of time. So you might want to make sure that it’s ok too if you decide to do this one.

10 classroom Valentine treats ideaTeacher alert… Popcorn

This year we opted to go the non-candy/chocolate route for the giggles’ teachers. Instead, I asked them to quiz their teachers on their favorite snacks. They all seemed to like popcorn. So popcorn it is. Our local grocery store had their brand of cheddar popcorn on sale for $1 a bag. That was a great deal for me. It’s the same price as those small chocolate boxes the kids normally give. The kids really loved the popcorn printable from here, so that’s what I printed. Total cost for each teachers Valentine is $1 because I already had the curling ribbon from Christmas. Feel free to mix up the red and white ribbons too!

So there you have it, my giggles Valentine treats for their classmates. If you need more ideas, check out my giggles’ ¬†Valentine’s treat from last year HERE. ¬†Here are the rest of the 10 choices that they would have loved to give or receive.

12 Valentines treat ideas

You rock! This was my oldest giggles second choice…We love Kristyn’s presentation here.

12 Valentines day treat ideas. If I could have found these shovels for a good deal I would have done it, but no luck this year. Real house moms’ great idea even comes with a free printable.

12 Valentine's treat to giveIf we were allowed to give homemade treats this would have been a winner, except the kids are not allowed so this will have to be a treat for someone special. See how you can make these for yourself here.

12 Valentines classroom treatStephanie from the Tip Toe fairy totally got my middle giggles attention with this Valentine idea. We love minions around here.

12 Valentines classsroom treatSuper cute, can be very inexpensive and Linsey from the teacher wife even gives you the printable here.

10 Valentines kids will loveWe love fruit! My giggles love cuties with this cute idea from Linda this non candy, super sweet Valentine is a sure hit with younger kiddos and mommies. Orange you glad I found this??? I crack myself up! ūüôā

Whether you go with one of these treats or a conventional card and candy route, I hope you have a stress free Valentines Day.  Wishing your kiddos lots of fun on Valentines and may they receive more Valentines than they expect. Take care and I hope you make it a great day!







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