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As we approach Thanksgiving I start to notice challenges people start. You know the 30 days of gratitude or thirty-one days of thank you..etc. I start to wonder why? Why do we need a holiday to remind us to be thankful? Why do we need to get into the “holiday” Spirit? Why can’t we keep it all year long?

Have we gotten lost in our priorities? Have we mis-placed what really matters? Has work and or money gotten in the way. Have we forgotten that in the end the stuff will be broken, misplaced, outdated but it’s the memories that will remain. As Thanksgiving approach, I would like to encourage you to keep the grateful attitude in your heart. Try to be kind and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoe before you judge or re-act or GOSSIP!

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving everyday. Find someone or something to be thankful for daily. Not just this month or next but from now until our time is up on this planet. Smile at someone, tell someone thank you, greet a stranger with a smile. Pay it forward but don’t broadcast it all over  Facebook, twitter or instagram for the likes. Be someone’s encourager and be that person someone is thankful for.

Thanksgiving is my my favorite holiday….because it involves food, family and friends spending time together and having fun. There is no pressure of gift giving or out doing each other. No one out to out do each other. Just like people hanging out, playing catch, minute to win it and perhaps Scategorries. Eating good food and drinking yummy drinks…Doesn’t that sound fun???

Whatever you end up doing for Thanksgiving I want you to know that I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful that you took a minute to read this post and continue to follow me on my blog, instagram and Facebook even if I’m inconsistent, a little off and has poor grammar. I wish you a thanksgiving filled with good memories and a full belly. Lets not skip Thanksgiving for an early start on Christmas but instead lets start celebrating NOW! Thanksgiving today and everyday, diet…Tomorrow 🙂

I hope you make it a great day!


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