Choose your own happy

Someone once told me that I live a perfect life…Guess what? I don’t. You see the good, the great, the happy and the feel good stuff in my life on Facebook because that’s what I CHOOSE to post. I honestly think there is enough sadness, hate and “cryptic” messages from other people that I don’t need to add to it. I want to make people smile, not frustrate them when they read my posts. I like to tell and share stories that are funny, good, maybe even motivating and sometimes delicious. Nom Nom 🙂

It’s been 10 years since we moved from the Aloha state to the Grand Canyon state. It was in fact one of the hardest decision I have ever made. I miss my parents, brothers and their families tremendously till this day. I miss the Sunday dinners and the holiday get togethers at my brother’s or parent’s homes. There were times where I thought that being a Filipino in Arizona was hard. I knew I needed to find my own place here a place where I can fit in. I slowly started making friends from work and that made me happy. I made some Filipino friends, a few locals from Hawaii and now my cup runneth over with a smorgasborg of friends. How lucky can one girl be??? Who would have thunk it! Everyday, I count my blessings and I can’t help but be grateful. Those friends we have made has become our family, our OHANA! So I choose to make friends and it has made me happy!

treat drama like cancer, remove it!Now let’s talk about DRAMA!!! I HATE it, don’t want anything to do with it and I try to stay as far away from drama as possible. I actually treat drama like I would treat cancer! I remove it as soon as possible and never look back. I’ve had people/friends come and go in our lives but I’ve learned to adapt and deal with it. I use to waste precious time wondering why they don’t like me and worry about it,  but now I am at a point of thinking that they are the ones missing out. Life is too short, it doesn’t give us much second chances. I can’t waste it my time on wondering about the whys and what-ifs. I choose to be happy.

I truly believe we CHOOSE to be whatever it is we want. How we feel, how we act or react, what we do or say. I try to always choose happy or good but there are days when that is hard to do. Heck, I think one off day is ok 🙂 I guess all I want to say is that, now I am someone I like and someone happy. I am someone who has goals, friends, family and I am someone who loves life. It hasn’t been always easy, I had to CHOOSE…I choose everyday to be happy and to be grateful!  Please believe me when I say, “it can always be WORSE!”

So with this post I open up a series called Choose your own happy! I have invited a couple of bloggers/friends to share how they choose their own happy or their definition of happy. I can’t wait for you to read their takes on this series but for now, I hope I help put a smile on your face…reassured you that my life isn’t perfect (because it isn’t and will never be) and that in the end YOU and only YOU are in charge of your own Happy! I hope you make it a great day!



Choose your own happy



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