DIY Jewelry Display Board

DIY jewelry boardWhen we moved to a new home a year ago I knew I would not be able to use the cork board bulletin board I made here for art. I even thought that I might need to get rid of it all together if I don’t find a spot for it soon. Well the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months still no idea on where to put it. Then it happened, I fell in love with this chunky necklace…and the rest was history

Diy Jewelry displayAs soon as I got it home I wanted hang it somewhere safe away from the giggles and not just tucked away in a box. Then it happened, that light bulb moment where I thought if I could just figure out how to do it It would probably look pretty good, the project that is.

How about turning the art board into a jewelry display board. Nothing fancy but has to be done under $10. I found the perfect spot in my bathroom to hang it up on. So I took the board out from under our bed, removed all the art that was tacked on it and went to work on my DIY jewelry display board.

DIY Jewelry Display BoardI bought these hooks at the 99 cents only store for 99 cents. I had more than enough for the project and the leftover hooks can be use for other projects later. Yeay! I screwed in the larger hooks about a two inches apart at the top of the board for the necklaces.  I did not measure precise spots but if it has to be perfectly aligned a yard stick would probably work best.
DIY Jewelry Display BoardI hung the necklaces to determine where the bottom hooks will go. The lower hooks I used for shorter items like bracelets or if you use the eye bolts those can hold earrings.

DIY Jewelry board


The project took less than 30 minutes since I already had the board made. Click here for instructions on how to make this fabric covered cork board I used. Total spent on this only fifty cents since I only used half the container of the hooks I got. I could not be any happier with how this diy jewelry board came out. Here it is hanging for all who walks into my bathroom to see. The bling are displayed and ready for wearing.
Diy Jewelry board 2

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know! I hope you make it a great day and an even better tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!

XoXo, Roe



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