The Importance of Dating

datingDisclaimer: I am no means an expert on dating, nor am I claiming to know all about dating. I only wish to share how my relationships have drastically improve because of dating. Here’s the actual post!

Did you love how my disclaimer was at the very top? I do, I think it’s very me, very Roe! If you haven’t guessed what this post is about yet, hang on tight and get ready because this post is about dating. How dating to me is very important in any relationship. Hang on, don’t leave if you think this post  isn’t for you, Please keep on reading if you are in a relationship, have kid(s) or friends.

I love going on dates. In fact I have made it a point to have date ideas waiting for the right or not so right time. When I say going on dates I mean dates with those I love. You see I think sometimes we get busy so busy that we forget to sit back and enjoy each other’s company. NOT just our spouse or significant other but our kiddos and our friends. Yes, I said kiddos and friends. Just as we love our spouse (right?) and want to hang out with them and spend alone time with them, each of our kid(s) deserve one on one time too. My hubby and I try to date our giggles once a month. I’m talking just you and one kid doing what they want to do that time. It doesn’t have to be all day, half a day or even a few hours..sometimes all they need to reassure them of their importance in your life is a couple of hours. Kids are easy and I know that my giggles look forward to that day on the family calendar that marks their date with mommy or daddy.  At the end of each date I love asking each of my giggle what their favorite part of the date was, sometimes its the “STUFF” they might get but they mostly say the alone time with (insert mom or dad). I look forward to the dates my giggles have picked out and sometimes they let us choose the activity. Dating my giggles have helped me learn more of their personality, their genuine likes and dislikes and it gives them alone time to talk about anything that might concern or make them happy. The one on one time gives them a sense of importance and it makes them feel good and special. Which they should because they are.

mommy and daughter lunch

Next is dating your friends. Yes, if they are important to you, you will find the time to go out with your friend(s). Just like any healthy relationship your friendship should include going on dates. That’s what they created happy hour, girls’ night out and or brunch for I think??  Friends should try to see each other as often as possible as long as it’s not interfering with your family or love or work life negatively. I am not endorsing going out and partying every Friday night till the next day but instead I’m saying meet a friend for coffee or lunch. How about going to a movie with them or planning a pedicure together. A book club date or a morning hike. Whatever activity you decide on do it together and chat away! Oh and don’t waste your precious time together gossiping about other people, who really cares what so and so is doing or posting on FB??? instead use to this time to catch up on each others lives. Heck this could be one of the few times you are actually encourage to talk about yourself and your awesome family. Don’t forget to ask them ask how they are too though! I can tell you that dating my friends have been so helpful to me lately, I have been able to catch up and find out things I missed out on and vice versa.  It’s not always a one on one time in fact it’s has been with groups of friends lately when I set the time aside for a friend date but irregardless it’s still time I spend with good friends and that in itself is good for your soul specially if it includes laughing till you cry, running in the rain or just singing loudly for all to hear because you had half a glass of mudslide too many. Date your friends, make time for them so that they will make time for you too. Friends who see each other on a regular basis tend to have a more lasting and meaningful friendship.

happy hour & Shopping with friends

Lastly dating your spouse or significant other. We all are busy, but just as we crave alone time we crave time alone with our one true love (haha). Dating your love one does not need to be expensive. Find the will so you can find a way 🙂 For our 10 yrs anniversary I gave my husband a year of dates. It was twelve envelopes, one per month and a date idea in it! he opened the envelope at the beginning of each month and we pencil in when we would do it for that month. I got the idea from Camille here! This was such a great dating idea that it helped us appreciate our dates nights. It’s been a couple of years since I gave him the 12 months of dating but we still have regular date night/days to this day! We strongly believe that our regular dates have helped us get closer to each other and get to know more and more of each other. I mean I intend to get old with this dude I might as well have fun dating and getting to know him. Here’s my theory, that each date will bring us closer, will make us more appreciative of each other and we can sometimes use this time to talk about the kids without the kids. One day I will wake up and the kids will be grown and it be just me and him and guess what? because we dated each other I will always know this man. No surpises there.

date your husband

Here are a few ideas for date days with those you love:

Movie date (there’s so many coming out, better yet find a dollar theatre and watch an older movie or go to a drive in if you have one close by)

Trip to the library ( both great for kiddos and spouse) Travel through books or magazine, discuss and you can even write it down, plan it out!

A hike : always relaxing to me, sometimes competitive but mostly fun. This could be time to enjoy a new hiking spot and get your vitamin D. live in Arizona? hike here, here, here or maybe here.

Take a class together. Scrapbook a page, paint nights, dance, make a pottery, how about a cupcake decorating class? Line dance?

Go bowling or hit some golf balls at the driving range. Go golfing or just drive the golf cart for your golfer friend. I don’t know!

Go to a sports event. Spring training game, baseball, basketball, football? Maybe soccer is your thing…Go see a game.

Pack a picnic lunch/dinner and go to a quiet part of the park to enjoy it. Better yet picnic during a movie at the park or a concert at the park for a more casual date. My giggles will never turn down a picnic dinner on a blanket while watching a movie at our town parks.

short on time, how about a trip to to the get ice-cream, froyo or a cold drink at the bar. HH are my favorite quick and less expensive meals with hubby and friends. Although when you get to talking and drinking you tend to lose track of time and the hours will fly. Oh a trip to get a Boba drink or Glacier snow is one of my favorite quickies with my giggles. Wanna get fancy meet your friends at Gigi’s cupcake for dessert.

Movie night at home. Perfect for those parents who have kids that go to bed early. Grab a movie and your favorite treat and snuggle up! Hubby out of town, invite the girls over for a movie night( may i suggest 50 shades? ok, fine the notebook or maybe the heat) and ask them to bring an appetizer or a drink to share. For the kiddos, I like to have them pick a treat (usually candy/chocolate) to enjoy while watching a movie.

Cook and share a meal together, this goes for everyone you should be dating. Eating is a universal language 🙂

Get a pedi or a massage together. Maybe not the cheapest but definitely one of my favorite indulges, a massage that is.

Go on a free tour at a chocolate factory ( it can be a soap factory or candy factory it can be any, see what’s around you and check their website. Ethel M in vegas and Ghirardelli in San Francisco. Into craft beer? Some brewery offer tours.

Go to the beach, no beach try the lake, no lake, go to the pool no pool got to the water park, still no luck just go for a drive…Chillax and don’t fight it.

Watch a sunset together but if you are outside spray some bug spray so you don’t get eaten alive by bugs while watching the sun set.

dance, under the moonlight on the grass or during the day while the sprinklers are on. Whenever you choose do it together and be happy!

Host a game night, play board games, my family loves Sorry, Jenga, giant checkers, hangman and Uno. Card games are fun to play with friends so is the mexican train game.

Go window shopping or shop for real! Hubby and I’s current favorite is going to plant nurseries and looking at plants that will make our backyard greener. Easy enough.

Well I hope that I have shared enough about why I want you to remember the importance of dating. I hope you get to have regular dates with your hubby, kiddos and friends. Each one of those group/people bring something good and healthy in our lives. It’s time we enjoy what we are blessed with and start dating. Again I could be all wrong about this dating thing, BUT what if I’m sorta NOT! I hope you make it a great day!

XoXo, Roe




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