Derby day party

derbyday2What a crazy fun weekend it was. My family and I attended our very first Derby day party. Never knew they excited until the e-vite came! To be fair the host actually grew up in Louisville,KY and has been hosting derby party since she moved away from there. Fancy big hat and a dress…sign me up! I opted to go with a fascinator instead of a hat because it can get hot here in Arizona.  IMG_4512IMG_4516Our first selfie of many for the day…Big hats don’t make for easy selfies.

DIY derby hatsAll the hats couldn’t fit in this picture but here are a few. We had two ladies, the host and myself make fascinators and the rest had floppy beautifully designed hats. I just love the my little pony inspired hat.

IMG_4530Me and my love and no he didn’t dress up

There was so much food and drinks there and yes, they had Kentucky Bourbon and mint Julep shots for the grown-up! the kids all 25 of them, ate almost all the food that we had to run out and grab more food! I mean we had meatballs, pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, corn casserole, trip tip, 10# of wings, chips, hummus, veggie trays, fruit trays, cheese platters, those yummy Hot Browns (recipe to follow),brownies, cookies and a snickers poke cake. I mean come-on there was a lot of food and yet we had to go on a pizza and desserts run! Granted we stayed till after the Paquiao and Mayweather fight that night.


At the end I learned that Derby Party is only as fun as the people there, bigger is better ( I had two peacock feather on my fascinator that poked someone everyone I turned) 😛 , we won $25 on a randomly picked horse (firing line came in second) and to always make two of whatever dessert i make because one of each is never enough.

I am fortunate to have the friends I have. I can spend a whole day or days with them and it will only seem like minutes. The time usually flies by and to be honest I don’t know if I can ask for better friends. Although I have friends that might never meet each other, this weekend has also taught me that each of them brings something amazing into our lives, mine and my family! IMG_4527I mean look at us! Derby worthy and for sure fancy! especially for that dude on the left! His name will not be disclosed for his own safety 🙂

We love us a good time and a good time is what we had!

and did I mention I even got a selfie with Manny Paqiuao?

manny paquiao and meYea, baby! I sure did!

I hope you make it a great humpday! SMILE because you don’t want to be the person that didn’t smile back and have you heard or have you been to a derby party before you read this? Would love to read from you!!! Comment below!

IMG_4536XOXO, Roe

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