What I want to stop comparing or complaining about.

I want to do something. I want to stop comparing or complaining for the next 30 days and then maybe it will become a habit. I am determine to try my theory, that IF I can stop comparing myself and everything else around me to other people and or things in my life, life itself will become much easier. I also  believe that IF I do not complain about things I cannot change then those things become less important and much less frustracting (frustrating & distracting combined) to me.

Here’s my list of things I want to stop comparing and or complaining about.

#1. How my body looks.

In all honesty, my body looks the way it does right now because I am CHOOSING not to eat clean and not to work out. It’s been 8 months since I last worked worked out! If I can sit in front of my phone and check Facebook and instagram for more than 45 minutes then I definitely have time to work out.

#2. How I think my kids should be behaving.

I think my kids are pretty good kids. There are times though that I catch myself telling them, “Do you see other kids bouncing balls and playing tag in here?” There comparing them to other kids that for all I know we could very well be the only family in the store.

#3. On what we have or don’t have

I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM! I work to get my membership for free at the gym but I have not used that membership in MONTHS, read #1. Therefore our only source of income is my hubby’s paycheck for now. We have friends and family that has money or has dual income which makes them seem to do more stuff or have more things and I sometimes wish I had it BUT at the end of the day know that we have everything we need and all our wants just need to be acquired slowly.

#4. On friendship

A friendship is not the same as an acquaintance…NOT everyone will like me, nor is everyone like me…some people will not want to hang out with me like they use to for one reason or another. I need to be okay with that. Taking my focus away on what I think should be between me and friends to what it really is will take pressure of off me. It’s really coming into terms that after trying to be the person to always initiate things and not getting a response might be a sign that they don’t want you as a friend anymore. People change, priorities change and that’s that.

#5. Romance/marriage

No one is perfect. I need to be willing to give to my hubby the same thing I expect from him. If I want more romance I better be ready to be romantic back. If I want candlelit dinner baby I better be willing to watch a baseball or a football game with him. This is a two way street and comparing our life to others is completely unfair to both of us.

#6. Blogging.

I am not as big as some people I have met because I have not been a consistent blogger. I have not because I blog not! ha-ha! Heck it took years for Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman to get as big as she is and a sweet new friend, Camille from Friday were in love had a couple of different blogs before her current blog took off. So I just need to stay my path and NOT compare to other blogs but instead be inspired by them.

#7. Motherhood

My way is not the right way, it is the way that works for me, my hubby and my giggles. My hubby doesn’t always agree with me but we correct it outside of the giggles. We try hard not to argue in front of them. I can’t let my mistakes or achievements as a mom defy me or tie me up. I have to refuse to compare other ways I’ve seen mommies deal with their child because I really don’t know how it is in their situation. I have imperfect, energetic & amazing kids and somehow I need to give myself more credit on the good things, devote less energy on the bad things and walk away from my mothering skills that didn’t quite work out.

In the end I will try my best to change. Hang on to the good and not to forget the good life we have. Things are very good and if I can just stop the comparing and the complaining about all the little things, things can only get better. I hope you make it a great day! Happy Sunday Funday!Stop the comparing and complaining


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