DIY Canvas Wall Art

Let’s face it, canvas wall art for the home is not really cheap. Ok, yes you can find them cheap but sometimes you want a unique/different/personalized one and those might come with a higher price tag. What is a mom to do? Make it yourself or in my case make my giggles make their own 😉 nothing like a DIY canvas wall art project to occupy your kiddos.

kids artGather up your supplies….This was just for my oldest giggle, she themed her room as a Hawaiian style laid back feel kinda room. She actually saw this art she made from her godmother’s blog here. Fortunately we had two 8×10 canvas and all the paint she needed and all we needed to get was just one more canvas to complete this project.

IMG_7107Here’s what we had for my middle giggle who has a Hollywood movie themed room. I covered it in foil because…..I honestly can’t remember, wait I might have tried to draw the star on there for a pattern. I failed and ended up just using paper and tracing it.

IMG_7113 IMG_7116To lighten the paint to create the ombre look my giggle just kept adding drops of white paint to the color she is using. She only did three shades of each color.IMG_9245and since my middle giggle was worried about mixing the gold and black together I outlined the star and filled it in a little for her.
IMG_7149Isn’t she the cutest. I swear she’s my favorite middle child!

DIY kids room decorThe gold was a bit trickier to work with so we had to make sure it dried really good in between coats. IMG_7151Day 2 and i finally got the 3rd canvas I didn’t have. My oldest giggle was on a mission,


IMG_7155After the canvases were completely dry we macgyver this contraption=projector to help my giggle trace out the shell shape she wanted. The starfish gave her a hard time, the rest she free hand.  IMG_9266Serious business here, drawing it in to finish it up.

DIY beach art decorkids art6Here’s their finish art works… Both unique, both handmade by them. Okay, I had my friend write in my giggle’s name but otherwise she did 95% of the work.

kids art4 kids art7Here it is hanging proudly on their walls. Please excuse the shadows!

My girl giggles are very proud of their work. They love adding things to their rooms that they made. The total cost for us was under $5.00 BECAUSE we ALREADY had three of the four canvases we needed and all the paint. You could get the supplies for under $20 if you use coupons from your local craft store or happen to get the canvas on sale. Also the ombre art drawings can be of anything you want it to be…seashells just happen to fit my giggle’s theme. The art took two days to finish because of the drying in between time. Please let me know if this have inspired you to make your own art for your walls. I hope you are having a great day! Enjoy your three day weekend if your off on Monday too 🙂

Till next post…XoXo, Roe 🙂

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