Valentine’s sweets and treats round-up

A round-up of my favorite valentine sweet and treats. The Chex Mix is a recipe you must check out!Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m taking about, Valentine’s Day and it is right around the corner and as much as I love making cute treats with my giggles for their class this year they opted to get store bought pre-made cards to give out. No, I am not at all bitter, in fact I’m a little relieve because between school, run club, soccer, church, work, laundry, dinner and blogging, LIFE in general….things can get a little crazy. I don’t know how you do it, parents who work a full time job! Yeah, you!!!


With that said we are done prepping for Valentine’s Day and now I can focus on maybe helping inspire you to make cute Valentines for your giggles’ friends in school and out.  Last year we made these for my giggles’ friends. Click here more info on these valentines.

Jolly rancher with a card that says you make me feel JOLLY valentine
Jolly Valentine!

Non candy Valentine's day classroom treat Youngest G's

here are a few extremely cute Valentine’s sweets I found.

The first few are perfect for pre-schoolers or Kindies.


how-to-make-valentines-with-picmonkey-1024x678Isn’t this cutie??? Bwahahaha. Click here for the printable.

Squeeze-Valentine-01Squeeze pouches are easy and can be bought in bulk 🙂 Source

As the giggles get older non-candy Valentines get more appreciation.valentine pencilGive out cute pencils and think outside the box…Use non Valentine prints like they did here.friendship-bracelet-valentinesSomething your child might enjoy making and handing out. It’s never too early to be crafty. Printable and instruction here.

edit-001Glow stick fun

frozen-olaf-valentine-4For all those Olaf fan. Click here

GumballvalentineMy giggles love gumballs…These are perfect.

COIN valentineGold de blum…Or change 🙂

Find more ideas here, here or here.

Now we can’t forget the teachers, co-worker or even these giggles that live with us. It’s time to share some of my favorite homemade yummies to help celebrate this day!

valentinestreatbuddiesAlways a hit. Recipe here

Heart-Shaped-Cookie-DoughPerfect for shortbread cookie doughs. source


valentinestreat2Soft M&M chocolate chip cookies

valentinestreat3Yes pls…Red velvet cake bites recipe here.

Still wanting more recipes to make yummy treats??? Click here and here for more ideas. As for me that’s about as much sweetness and treats I can look at for now without wanting to make a mess in the kitchen or hiding those cards and candies the giggles picked out so I can make or bake something else.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a great day. I’m hoping that I have helped you narrow down your choices of Valentine’s sweets and treats. Till next post!

XoXo, Roe

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