Food is good for you!

Believe it or not most of our money is spent on food. Not clothes, shoes, miscellaneous fun stuff or bills but on food. Okay maybe our mortgage tops our expenses but our food bill comes next on our monthly budget. What can I say, I love to eat, cook and bake and nothing makes me more happy than watching people I love and like enjoy food as mush as I do. I’m talking yummy, delicious food, not fast or junk food.  I also try to buy as much organic food our budget allows sticking to the dirty dozen list on fruits and veggies to avoid unnecessary food expense there. Here’s my weekly roundup of all the deliciousness I made, ate or shared with people I like and love.

IMG_0805Spatchcock Chicken is always a hit with the family. Crispy skin and serve with a big salad is delicious. IMG_0775Made some pumpkin spice cake donut this week. It was easy and yummy. Recipe hereIMG_0898These Rib-eye with mustard butter made the whole family happy. Serve with roasted sweet potatoes and squash and a big salad with a basic vinaigrette. Find the recipe for the steak here.IMG_0797Being on a donut mood has not helped my waistline and here’s another keeper of a recipe. These apple cider spiced doughnuts are a repeat here at my house.IMG_0780Always a go to, quick and easy meal for me to make and because we always have fish fillets in the freezer, these pan fried fish tacos almost always makes an appearance in our menu rotation. IMG_0915Customize greek yogurt parfaits for the giggles made with their favorite toppings and fruits are made the night before for crazy game day mornings. I pack and keep the granola topping separated so it doesn’t get soggy. IMG_0821And these lovely eggs in purgatory (paleo/gluten free) saves me time and sanity on days when hubby and I just need something to eat. It’s great as a snack, breakfast or even lunch. Serve alone or with baked sweet potatoes. IMG_1242Lastly we smoked some ribs and chicken this past week and they were soo good! we knew it was good because the giggles asked for seconds/thirds. I also used the leftover chicken for enchiladas. Gluten free for sure.

imageLastly these semi homemade pumpkin coffee cake baked doughnut was divine. Anything pumpkin is a hit and can be made into a muffin instead. Fall flavors overload for sure! Recipe here.

As you can tell I like to eat, enjoy it but more than anything I like to plan ahead. By making these meals and treats at home we are saving money and still able to enjoy delicious food. What are you waiting for, Hurry go and make something yummy, and when you do invite me over will yea? A girl’s gotta eat right?

Make it a great day. XOXO, Roe

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