Summer treats for the giggles

Summer weather is here in Arizona and the girl giggles only have 7 days left of school. To prepare for the giggles for summer treats and snacks needs to be re-stocked and summer planning is really in full swing. I’m sharing some of my giggles favorite treats from the world wide web 🙂 and feel free to share about your favorite treat with me as well.

Jello+Shaved+Ice+2+titleThis is easy and fun to make. Perfect for swim days with friends. So go invite yourself to a friend’s house who has a pool (if you don’t have one) and offer to bring these yummy treat. Click here for the recipe.DSC_8187-001I think watermelon I think summer. A nice cold refreezing treat on a hot, hot, hot and maybe even humid day. Let your giggles help and always make extra. Try strawberries instead for a twist. Thanks Carolyn for sharing this recipe.9c4224b25e8e3c245dd608ceb2a40af9Italian sodas are one of my favorite sweetened drinks for the summer. The giggles love making them and always make them feel a tad bit sophisticated when they drink it 🙂 There are so much syrups to choose from and I found the cheapest toranni syrup at Smart and Final. Go get some and click here for a quick DIY recipe for italian soda and more summer drinks. 03c7cd3f339164ee7c0ea4cf49148e83It’s not a treat post unless I add a cupcake recipe to go with these treats. This lemonade cupcake recipe is great and double it up and freeze some cupcake for later if you wish. I just love the mason jar idea and I think this will make for a perfect summer cupcake. a0de5502ce80f66e05726c357499d6a1POPCORN makes me happy and put cake in its name makes me even happier. Here’s a yummy and fun popcorn you can mix up for the kiddos at home and their friends. Heck, you can even make it for your friend too mommy! Here’s the yummy recipe.

Happy summer planning. If you are somewhere where it’s still very cold, Sorry…I’m thinking of you. I hope these treats make it to one or more of your get together’s this summer. Don’t forget to share your favs, I hope you make it a great day! XOXO Roe


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