DIY Candy Bouquet

Happy to say that I survived teacher appreciation week. This school year is going by so quickly that I really was not prepared for teacher appreciation week. Honestly we were mostly making things the night before. Yes, I understand that it was unnecessary pressure placed myself but I think I somewhat love the challenge. I am also happy to say that once again my hoarding has helped me put a few cute gifts together, including this one.

The candy bouquets, I have seen more and more grocery store sells them. Most of which does contain normal size or bigger candies and chocolate and sells from $10 and up. To help keep the cost down I choose to use fun size candies and these were after-all coming from my fun-size giggles. There are so many tutorials out there and my Facebook page actually has a link from some wonderful bloggers out there so go check it out, AFTER you read and like this post 🙂

DIY candy bouquetI gathered up my supplies and went to work. I used clean spaghetti sauce jars, leftover burlap, ribbon and twine for my vases. The theme was baseball park snacks for this gift hence why I included the cracker jacks, sunflower seed and peanuts. I had the giggles pick out their teacher’s 2 favorite chocolates to add to the bouquet. These fun size pack can be picked up at your local dollar store for….$1 or if you don’t have one around grocery stores usually have them for under $1.50 each.  Let’s make the vases shall we.

cb2Cut the width of the burlap about the same size as the old label from the jar. I used high heat hot glue to glue the burlap on the jar.

cb3I also added a 1.5 inch brown ribbon around the vase. I used the same hot glue to hold it down. I then used this rope and double knot it in front. Feel free to use a dot of hot glue to keep knot and rope in place.

cb4I used floral foam and poured dried whole split peas all around the foam to stick the candies into. Feel free to use any beans you might want or don’t use any at all.

cb5This is where the fun really begins…I had the girl giggles taped all the candies/treat to my super expensive, straw covered , new (un-used) bbq skewers. I had them doing one candy per one skewer and I used wire cutters to cut the skewers to different heights for arranging. That’s probably the most I’ve used the word skewer. Remember that the recipient will normally just pay attention to the front of the bouquet so don’t stress about the sticks showing in the back but if you are, feel free to back to back your candies or use cute stickers or paper cut-outs to cover it. Continue to arrange the candies and treats.

cb6Here it is, a baseball park treat inspired candy bouquet. The giggles had fun taping the candies and telling me where each of them should go. I made the printable that I used (sorry I don’t know how to add printables to my site for you to use yet 🙁 ) Living Locurto has one similar you can print, click here. What I love about this gift was the thought, the giggles used their detective skills to find out what chocolates their teachers liked and then learned hot to arrange them in under an hour. Using recycled old spaghetti jars as a vase, genius (my husbby was glad to see those go) and when all the candy is gone the jars can be easily re-used as vase. Can you see sunflower in them? I can.

This idea can be a great graduation gift. Add some dollar bills in there with your graduates favorite candy treats or how about a kids birthday gift and stick (get it, STICK…Bwahahaha) a gift card from a fun store with it. The possibilities could be endless and I think you can make this as big or as small as you wish. Now go make one for someone, have fun with it and i hope you make it a great day! XOXO Roe

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