DIY baby shower gifts

About a month ago we got invited to baby shower for one of our friends.  So what I do? I went straight to my hallway closet where my fabrics are kept. Looked for the cutest non girlie (pink/purple) girl fabric, (because they are not really the girlie girl type) and started brainstorming. Then my hubby came to my rescue and offered to ask if they registered and sure enough they were. I looked at their registry and picked the ones I knew I can kinda sew!

I picked a few fabrics to sew with and just had to buy a yard of complementing fabric  for one of them at the fabric store. I tried to stay away from anything too feminine just because the mommy-to-be did mention how daddy-to-be is overwhelmed by all the purples and pinks around him (poor guy, I’m sure my hubby can relate) Wish me luck and here we go…


Pacifier holder (registry item): I cut 12 inches of ribbon. I sewed on a suspender clip at one end and a pony tale holder on the other. I hot glued a hot pink felt flower with a bling on a the middle to cover the metal part of the suspender clip. DONE!


next… how about one of those taggie blanket. Thanks to a tutorial from Dwell on Joy I was able to make a cute one of a kind gift. Please click here for instruction. gift3

Next is a fancy, dressed up wiped holder. I put an elastic in the back to hold a diaper then i hot glued a big fabric & smaller felt flowers (both from scrap fabric/felt) to the front. Tutorial will be posted later.


Nursing cover (registry item). Mommy-to-be liked this fabric and so I decided to make her cover for a fraction of the cost of the one she registered for. I like how I was able to choose the size. Notice how big it is? It’s much larger that the ones you can buy at the store which I love! No pica boos here, everything is covered but it does curve out so mommy can still see baby :). Thank you to a tutorial from the Prudent Baby to help me tackle this project.

Last gift, probably my favorite homemade gift. Love, love, love the owl fabric and how the brown chevron on the other side just works. At first I wanted to make them one of those carseat cover thingy but I thought a nice large blanket would be used more and longer than the carseat cover. Am I right??? This was probably the easiest but most fun project of all. Mostly straight stitches ( I can’t sew straight, hence why I said mostly) to sew the two fabrics together, then just zigzag stitches all around to close the gap and finish the blanket.

gift1Here they all are. Homemade, handpicked fabrics and one of a kind. I hope they like it as much as I enjoyed making it!

gift6I hope I’ve inspired you to make something today or for the next baby shower you get invited to. If you need help making any of these crafts, let me know! Nothing says thoughtful and personal than a gift you made yourself. Learn how you can DIY baby shower gifts for the next baby shower you attend. Congratulations to a couple who we know will be great parents.  Until next post!

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