Lunch date

Hubby and I decided a while back that each of our giggle needs alone time with mommy and daddy at least every other week.  So when we are presented with an opportunity to do so we usually leap at it. Yoga class was on my list today and when yoga class was over, we were hungry. so I asked my giggles, “What’s for lunch?” My oldest giggle suggested the new place we saw next to the cupcake place. The restaurant is called BlueLemon. My good friend said she would love to have lunch with us and the middle and youngest G said, “no thank you!” So I dropped them off to daddy and away me and my oldest go.


Here we are..Me and my oldest giggle waiting for our meal!


The oriental salad that my friend ordered. She gave it a thumbs up!


I had their seasonal salad, the roasted beet and arugula salad. It was delicious, in fact I wish the salad was a bit bigger 🙁 my giggle ordered chicken tenders and she said it was good!

BlueLemon was a good place to eat. We didn’t feel tired or stuffed as we walked out. Definately a place worth trying. We said goodbye to my friend and I took oldest G to one of my favorite grocery store, AJ’s.  You see I knew she would like walking around there, actually I needed to find belgian sugar for a recipe I’m trying out next week 😉 She asked if we could buy her sister and brother cookies since they didn’t join us of lunch, of course! Her eyes were scanning everything from the desserts on display and all the little knickknacks they sold. I loved how she gravitated towards the cookbooks and aprons.

I would say it was a great lunch date with my friend and my oldest giggle!


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