Kids Valentine’s for their class.

Since I’m not at all a PROCRASTINATOR (fib #1) and not semi obsessed with PINTEREST (fib #2)…I’m finally helping my giggles do their Valentines for their class. I needed to keep it simple, fun and CHEAP! Working with a 9 yrs old, a 7 yrs old and a 4 yrs can get tricky since they all know what they like….No simple cards off the shelf with a lollipop here but instead I asked them what they like. Here’s what we came up with.

First G's vcraft#2 Youngest G's

Each giggle had to be able to make their Valentines with a little help from me. I printed First G’s cards on a white card stock leaving enough space between the sentences for the Jolly Rancher to fit. I designed and printed Middle G’s “bounce” card on scrapbook paper I cut down to 8×11. I cut out the cards but the girls did the rest.


Double sided dots were cut in half to stick on between the paper and Jolly rancher. First G punched a hole on the corner and threaded the ribbon on them. Shortly after she decided she wanted to cross out the Rancher so the candy only says, “JOLLY!” I had everything we needed but the candy and that was on clearance for $2.00 at the grocery store…Total for 24 treats…$2.



Middle giggle didn’t want candy so she picked these bouncy balls and treat sacs to hold them, both were from the dollar store. She put one ball per bag and rolled it down twice and used a double sided tape to stick the tags I made for her.  Done..Total for 22 treats $6


For my youngest giggle all he needed to do was to open each heart and fill them with 2 gum balls and some confetti from the hole puncher 🙂 (sorry that my slipper photobombed) both from the dollar store and total for 10 treats is $2.

Thank goodness that’s done. I think they came out well and now more folding of laundry gone wild before dinner and then an hour and a half soccer practices for Middle G!


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